Get your glow on with our selection of face highlighters!

e.l.f.'s Best Face Highlighter Makeup

What is highlighter makeup?

Highlighter makeup helps create a radiant glow for your face. Highlighters come in many forms, including a highlighter stick like e.l.f. Daily Dew Stick, powder highlighter like e.l.f. Baked Highlighter Powder, liquid highlighter and cream highlighter and even highlighter palettes. Creams, sticks and liquids are easily absorbed and look natural. Powders are easy to apply and good for beginners. Highlighters can be used to subtly brighten your face for an everyday makeup look or to add artful brightening for a high fashion result.

How is highlighter makeup applied?

Highlighter can be placed on the high points of your face that naturally reflect light. These include the crests of the cheekbones, the bridge and tip of the nose, the forehead, the cupid’s bow of the lips, the top of the chin and even the center of the eyelids. You can apply highlighter with your fingers, a brush or a sponge. Apply highlighter sparingly for the most natural-looking results.

Can I use highlighter on bare skin?

Absolutely! It’s a great way to achieve a soft glow without a lot of effort. Start by applying a good moisturizer, which will keep your skin looking dewy. Choose a subtle highlighter shade—nothing too bright. If you’re using a highlighting powder, grab a large brush, dip it into the highlighter and tap off the excess to keep the color soft and natural-looking. Then swirl it onto your cheeks in a circular motion. You can also apply a small amount to your forehead and chin. If you’re using a cream or a multi-use makeup stick as a highlighter, apply it with a sponge or with your fingers and tap until it’s completely blended.

How do I use highlighter and contour?

Contouring and highlighting artistically sculpts and enhances your features. Use highlighter on the light-reflecting, high points of your face—cheekbones, bridge and tip of nose, tip of chin, forehead, cupid’s bow of your lips. Use contour in the areas where your features recede—the hollows of your cheeks, your hairline, underneath your chin and jaw. Together, highlighter and contour will give your face a sophisticated and highly defined look on any skin tone.

Does highlighter go on before or after foundation?

The best way to apply highlighter should be on top of your foundation. First apply the foundation of your choice. Most makeup pros recommend a matte foundation to prevent your face from looking too shiny after you apply highlighter. Next, apply your concealer. Then apply highlighter, followed by contour if you wish, and finish with your favorite blush. You can also mix your highlighter into your foundation for an all-over glow.